Survival World:

Pretty much anything goes as long as the other person does not say no:

  1. You can grief, raid and troll.
  2. If your doing something to a person and they say stop then you have to.
  3. Same goes if you find a sign/claim that says not to do something. E.G. “Do not steal my stuff” means don’t steal the stuff. Same goes for “do not grief”, if you find a sign that says that then do not grief the stuff.

Creative World:

The rules for this world are also rather reasonable:

  1. Respect other player’s signs/claims, if a sign says to not touch something then do not touch it. If a sign says “do not grief or destroy” then don’t grief or destroy.
  2. Do not loot the creative world to get items for the survival world. If you are caught doing this then you will be banned from the survival and creative world.
  3. Do not make obscene or offensive structures.

Sky Blocks:

  1. You make your own rules. Use /island cp or /island controlpanel to change your rules.
  2. Have fun!