How to, Minigames:

We offer a variety of minigames to play. Here is what you can play and how to play:

List of minigame types:

  • PvP – Player vs Player
  • CTF – Capture the flag
  • TotalWar – Capture the flag with interactive terrain.
  • Parkour – Jumping puzzle
  • Maze – Walking puzzle
  • Battle Ship – PvP with interactive terrain

How to play, PvP:

  • This game is a free for all, no teams
  • Last player standing, wins!

How to play, CTF:

Coming soon!

How to play, TotalWar:


  • Capture the flag (it is a sign that says flag) and bring it back to your base. If you capture the flag three or more times then you will win when the time runs out.
  • Optionally: Kill all of the defenders until each of their lives run out.


  • Defend your flag from the attackers and do not let them steal it. If the attackers steal it three or more times then they will win when the time runs out.
  • Optionally: Kill the attackers until their lives run out.


  • Each player has five lives
  • Players can place and destroy blocks
  • If a player exits the arena then they automatically quit the game.
  • To exit spectate mode use the minigame quit sign
  • Use the minigame loadout sign to select your loadout
  • If you do not select a loadout all you get is a diamond sword to fight with

How to play, Parkour:

  • Jump your way from one side of the map to the other without falling or dying.
  • You can use the minigame checkpoint signs to save your position in case you make a misstep.

How to play, Maze:

  • Find your way from one side to the other
  • Use /minigame quit to exit the maze
  • Admins are not responsible for lost players.

How to play, Battle Ship:

Also, Coming Soon!


If you find a bug, glitch or design flaw then do not hesitate to report it. Check out the bug bounty page for more details.