Bug Bounty

If you find a bug (error, glitch, mistake etc…) on my Minecraft server then you get a reward:

Severity level of bugs and their corresponding rewards:

  • Building/Design issue  – Coal Block/10 Food (your choice)
  • Minor Bug – Redstone Block or any of the above
  • Security Bug – Gold Block/Lapis Lazuli Block or any of the above
  • Major Bug – Diamond block/Emerald Block or any of the above

If you find a bug an admin will identify what type it is. If an admin is having a hard time figuring out what type of bug it is then then feel free to discuss it with them. If the bug is already known then no reward will be given.

Building/Design issue:

  • Forgot to place a sign, mini-game bug that does not prevent the game from being played all the way through or something similar.


Minor Bug:

  • Being able to open a door that is not allowed to be opened, being TPed to the wrong place, sign does not work, etc…


Security bug:

  • Being able to deOP, OP, gain server rank, stop the server, hack the server, change the permission system, gain access to the hosting system or other stuff that allows you to gain access to the server or hardware.


Major Bug:

  • Something that would crash the entire server. This could be like joining a minigame and then the server crashes or something of that sort of nature.
  • This does not include making huge edits with WorldEdit or blowing up large amounts of TNT and getting a java exception.


You can submit bugs reports directly to the server owner here: